System Monitoring and Maintenance

Safeguard your environment

What is the key to uptime and availability? Systems monitoring. It is an essential tool to safeguard your environment and to have insight into the performance and health of your critical systems.


We know firsthand the importance of systems monitoring both within the data center and within critical systems environments. OFFSITE works with clients to distill the monitoring and response processes into documented workflows. These workflows identify how endpoints tie back to business-facing applications and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Our system monitoring solutions analyze gaps to identify potential issues before users are affected. Real-time systems monitoring technology proactively protects our clients from unplanned downtime. By leveraging our Remote Monitoring Software (RMM), our Network Operations Center team can continuously monitor and quickly respond to issues in your network devices and availability, server resources, backup activity, capacity utilization, and more.

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Audits and Reporting

Reporting is essential in communicating the value of any service OFFSITE provides. We work with our clients to design reporting that aligns with management expectations and with the needs of third-party auditors. 

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