Business Continuity

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Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

Disasters strike without warning. Take a proactive, not reactive, approach to ensuring your organization’s critical business functions are resilient enough to remain operational, even during emergency events. Our team of process-driven engineers can assist you in getting a comprehensive business continuity plan in place, from initial design to implementation and testing. 


Custom Backup & Replication

Our team of engineers works to design a fully customized backup and replication policy that is optimal for your unique business needs. Once your data is backed up and securely stored, our team configures a virtual machine environment to restore your critical IT systems and applications in the event of a disaster. Your customized virtual environment then lies dormant at the ready, there should you need it. OFFSITE boasts a 100% successful testing and recovery track record. 

OFFSITE knows downtime is not an option for our clients.  Even a brief disruption can cause revenue loss, regulatory fines, or violations of service level agreements. 

We are focused on pragmatic BCP/DR solutions that work. OFFSITE offers a suite of services each shaped to fit the business workflows and systems that the client needs to protect.  Our services include:

  • Custom Backup & Replication
  • Data Restoration Testing
  • Network & Application Failover Testing
  • RPO/ RTO Reviews & Testing
  • ISO, SOC & Regulator Audits
  • Documentation Reviews & Updates
  • Work from Home Solutions
  • Workplace Recovery Space



Workplace Recovery

Recent events have shown organizations that ‘work from home’ is a viable option for many of their employees; however, for some, having a physical workplace is essential. 

Our state-of-the-art workplace recovery environment is designed to function as your corporate headquarters, in the event your office becomes unavailable. This could be due to a variety of occurrences including, but certainly not limited to, a weather disaster, equipment failure, or civic disturbance. Schedule a tour of our facilities to see the physical workspace we have reserved for our clients.


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