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Migration Planning & Implementation

Congratulations! You’ve selected a data center provider and your feeling confident in your new partner. Suddenly the reality of standing up your physical hardware or migrating your virtual environment to a new location is starting to set in. It’s a big job and your timeline is short.

Don’t worry. Our expert team is ready to help.

Our onboarding process is designed to give you access to our experienced team of project managers, NOC engineers and facility engineers and provide you with a turnkey transition to our facility.

We can handle all aspects of a system migration:

  • Hardware audits and documentation.
  • Certified transportation of critical systems.
  • Hardware rack and stack
  • Data pool migration.
  • Network connectivity and testing.
  • Equipment receiving and deployment.

We understand first hand that migration planning and getting critical systems back online with little to no downtime is a requirement in today’s IT environment. That’s why our expert team are available 24/7 to meet your maintenance window requirements and service level agreements.

Call us. We’d love to help.


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