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Business Continuity

Disruptions in business are a dreaded potential risk we all face. The key to addressing the potential damage a disruption can cause your business is to thoughtfully design capability around your IT. This will ensure that your business will not allow a disruptive incident to impact how you meet your customers' expectations.

All good strategies for BC start with a plan and the right resources and partners. The roots of OFFSITE began over 15 years ago with a central focus on BC. Since that time, we have been supporting our customers with comprehensive solutions to ensure continuity of their business operations. From disaster recovery planning, to DRaaS solutions, OFFSITE has all of the capabilities to ensure your business is never disrupted.

Disaster Preparedness

We help you expect the unexpected because you’ll almost never have advance warning that a disaster is ready to strike. We can help you design your business continuity plan and carry things all the way through to comprehensive testing of the plan. With OFFSITE support, your business will go beyond simply reducing the time to recover, we’ll also help you ensure a disruptions doesn’t end up putting you out of business for good.

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