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By 2020, IDC projects annual data generation will reach 35 zettabytes. That’s enough data to fill a stack of DVD’s reaching half way to Mars. That’s a lot of data and you own and manage an ever growing piece of it. The explosion of critical data generation and the demand for high availability access to it within your organization poses an ever increasing challenge to the IT professionals who manage it.

Owning and operating an in house SAN can be a costly endeavor for your organization. Making predictions on storage growth can be more art than science and throwing one hard drive after another to accommodate short term app/dev projects can make maintaining IT budgets a challenge. Not to mention the cost of SAN maintenance and support contracts.

We can help.

Our enterprise grade storage solutions are designed for you and your ever changing storage environment. Our storage platform will give you the high performance and availability for your critical applications while our expert team can help you optimize storage efficiency.

Currently storing a data pool that’s looking a little glacier? Then our tiered storage offering is what you’re looking for. Why pay for high performance disk when what you need for certain storage groups is cost effective Tier II disk space.

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