Heavy resource use and high traffic levels mean you need a dedicated server.


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Powerful Dedicated Server

“Dedicated Server” means different things to different people. In the context of the data center, a dedicated server is a server hosted in the data center but rented by a customer and used by that customer alone. Do you need a dedicated server? If you answer, “Yes,” the likely reason is one of two:

  • You need hosting for a website that uses resources intensively and sees a high level of traffic; or
  • You need hosting for an application that uses resources intensively and says a high level of traffic.

So, a dedicated server is what you need for either, or both, of:

  • Heavy resource use; and
  • High traffic levels.

This need may not become obvious until your own site begins to slow down and perhaps even freeze; you’re losing business because people simply won’t wait for a slow server. For many – perhaps most – applications, shared hosting works just fine. When you need more – when you need raw power – that’s when OFFSITE’s powerful dedicated servers come into play. You’re paying a little more, and you may need to get more involved in the technical back-end than in shared hosting environments, but 100% of the capacity of a big, fast and powerful server is yours to use. Plus, set up, configuration, and management of the server are all under your control.

When you need that kind of power, OFFSITE is here to meet your needs.


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