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OFFSITE: A Carrier Neutral Data Center

OFFSITE is carrier neutral. If you have a preferred carrier, they’re probably already delivering to OFFSITE and, if they’re not, we’ve no problems about adding them. And if you don’t have a preferred carrier, we won’t guide you into the arms of one – we’ll give you the list of carriers already here (it’s a long list) and invite you to choose.

What does carrier-neutral mean for you?:

  • Carriers who know you have a choice compete to offer the best service at the best price;
  • You can look beyond the carrier’s basic functions. What else might you care about? How about:
  • Choosing Content Distribution Networks, to get your loading speed as close to instantaneous as possible
    • What are the differences between fixed and mobile carriers? And which is most important to you?
    • Who is the best ISP?

OFFSITE works on the principle that flexibility is good. The more we give you, the better you do.


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