What you should look for in a US data center


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Data Centers in the United States (USA)

What should you look for in a data center? Well, here are a few things:

  • Storage and servers that are state of the art
  • Total security – not just against hackers but against fire, and against someone walking through the door intent on picking up anything that isn’t nailed down
  • Infallible backup power supply – not just UPSs but completely redundant alternative grid connections.

OFFSITE will give you everything on that list. As a matter of course. It will also give you:

  • A dedicated suite that yours and yours alone, and has your name on the door to prove it
  • Space and workstations so that your people can work there as freely and conveniently as they would in your own building
  • Backup staff who will work as yours when required and stop the moment you no longer need them.

What makes OFFSITE different?

A home from home, in fact. It’s a lot, but it still isn’t enough; you also need:

  • 2N precision cooling
  • Daily inspection, with full reporting and audited controls.

That’s a US data center in 2020. That’s OFFSITE. Don’t settle for less!


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