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Data Centers: Doing More With Less

Customers trust their data and their mission-critical IT activities to us for a number of reasons. That sentence contains the word “trust” because trust is at the center of the decision – our customers need to know they can trust us.

Our Customers Trust OFFSITE:

  • Not to lose their data, and not to let anyone else have access to it;
  • Not to allow a power outage to close them down at a time when they can’t afford to be closed down – or, indeed, at any time at all;
  • To provide the fastest online access possible;
  • To configure their service just for them and just the way they need it to be, and to provide the facilities (like work desks and phone lines) that allow their people, when they’re on our premises, to perform just as they would in their own office.

All of this is vital! Just like scalability, it’s so central to the role of a data center that our customers take it for granted. There’s something else, though, that underpins every decision to join us as a customer. It’s less high profile, but still key. The something is called cost.

We don’t mean to suggest that we’re the cheapest data center in Illinois. That’s very unlikely, and the lowest cost is not a good reason to sign up to a data center – what matters is the lowest cost at which maximum efficiency can be maintained. And that’s us!

It matters because our customers are from a wide range of businesses but they all have one thing in common. They share it with every other company in America, and beyond these shores for that matter. The pressure on margins is constant, and so is the need to keep costs down. That – working on every aspect of our business to ensure we deliver impeccable service at a manageable price – is something we work at. Day in; day out.



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