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Data Centers and Power Outage Prevention

Our data center customers take availability of sufficient power for granted because we don’t. A Natural Resources Defense Council report last year was headed, “Critical Action Needed To Save Money And Cut Pollution.” While the NRDC clearly comes at this from a particular angle (and some projections in that report are open to serious challenge), data centers with a regard for good citizenship take seriously the need to keep waste to a minimum. What we also understand is the need never – ever – to risk interruption to our customers’ mission-critical activities.

At OFFSITE, we offer 2N redundancy for power outage prevention

Why 2N? Why isn’t N+1 sufficient? Because N+1 is not a fully redundant system. It contains backup equipment ready to cut in the moment power fails, but since the backup equipment shares circuits or feeds with the main power system, it can fall over when it’s most needed.

2N won’t do that.

An N+1 system is one that has exactly the number of UPS modules needed, plus one more. 2N – the system OFFSITE uses – means having twice the number of UPS modules needed and separating main and backup systems at every point, so that whatever causes the power outage – a rogue backhoe; equipment failure; collapse at the point of supply – it won’t impact both systems at once.

NRDC is right; energy consumption must be controlled. The industry is taking care of that – servers are becoming ever more energy-efficient; they run at higher temperatures so the cooling bill is lower; building energy management systems (BEMs) are increasingly in use. But the one thing OFFSITE will never compromise on is your peace of mind. Power outages for our customers is not an option.



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