Providing your infrastructure should be a data center provider’s core business


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Data Center Provider

You should take as much care in choosing your data center provider as you do when selecting an insurer. You’re relying on them for a lot:

  • Managed hosting
  • Colocation
  • The cloud – private, public or hybrid
  • Disaster recovery.

Those are the building blocks in a vital infrastructure. You entrust that infrastructure to others so that you can get on with what running your business is really about, but if you were to lose it your enterprise would be horribly vulnerable.

How do you choose a data center provider?

Really, it’s simple: Is being a data center provider their core business (as it is OFFSITE’s)? A number of companies have been burned recently when suppliers famous for other things decided data centers would be a good business to get into – and then decided that, actually, it wasn’t for them. Imagine how it feels to receive an email saying you have x days to get all your data off someone else’s servers or it will be deleted. Permanently.

Things to look for when choosing a data center provider include:

  • Location – how easily could you get there if you had to? And is it in an earthquake zone?
  • Uptime. What’s their record, and what does the SLA say? (An SLA with less than 99.999% uptime is not acceptable).
  • Security – from intruders, from fire and flood, from hackers, from power outages – from everything you can imagine and some things you probably can’t.

Notice we didn’t include scalability in that list. We didn’t omit it because it isn’t important, but because in 2016 it should go without saying – it’s a sine qua non. If it isn’t there, and taken for granted, walk away.

Don’t be cavalier about your choice of data center provider. We can promise you we’re not cavalier about you.


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