Change: The One Thing Data Center Customers Can Be Sure Of

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What change is in the pipeline for Data Centers?

Whenever someone says, “This is how (a particular industry) is going to look in five years time,” the obvious thought is that, if anyone really knew what 2021 held, they’d keep quiet about it while investing furiously to make sure that when their forecasts came good they were first in line at the cash dispenser and bank presidents competed for their smiles. And it’s true: we don’t really know what the next five years will bring. No one does. But it’s possible to make some intelligent forecasts.

Hybrid IT

A lot of people have moved in recent years, and faster than they ever expected, to the hybrid cloud, which isn’t actually a hybrid at all but a combination: instead of being in one physical place, the hybrid cloud mixes the two worlds of private cloud and third-party cloud services and handles their coexistence. Hybrid IT goes further than that: employed and outsourced staff look after a mix of environments in a number of locations. There will be physical assets in a data center that belongs to the business in question and more in third-party data centers (and we leave that word plural because that’s how it well may be. Horses for courses; let each do what each is best at).

International Data Corporation expects that as much a 65% of a company’s IT assets will be off-site. While the reservation we expressed in our opening paragraph about forecasts holds true, signs that IDC’s forecast may come true are already there – and as more than merely straws in the wind. The role of the Head of IT ceased some time ago to be merely arranging the purchase of equipment and managing the people who run it. The required skill set becomes ever more varied as it extends to management of operations in geographically diverse locations which may, in fact, be globally spread.


The older people among us can recall how long it was that people forecast the convergence of voice telephony, fax machines (remember those?) and data transfer before anything happened. To be fair, data transfer at the time we are talking about involved stacking a deck of cards into a card reader in one place and having it trundle down a leased phone line at 9600 bps. Nothing happened in real time. Including that long-anticipated convergence.

It isn’t like that anymore. The pace of change is almost frightening. Solid-state drives have transformed both the speed and the reliability of storage and now storage is moving into the same box as the server. But what server? Picking a winner from the competing offerings emerging over the next 18 months will need a healthy shot of luck as well as a clear understanding of what’s available, how it’s changing – and why.

In a changing world, the wise manager takes security where she or he finds it. OFFSITE, a reliable and trusted partner for more than 10 years, doesn’t have a crystal ball any more than you do – but we do have a record of covering the bases and giving our customers what they need, when they need it. Next year won’t be like this year, and 2021 will be even more different. Reliability may sometimes be hard to find – but, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got it.

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