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Change: The One Thing Data Center Customers Can Be Sure Of

What change is in the pipeline for Data Centers? Whenever someone says, “This is how (a particular industry) is going to look in five years time,” the obvious thought is that, if anyone really knew what 2021 held, they’d keep quiet about it while investing furiously to make sure that when their forecasts came good they… View More


Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

IaaS: What It Is and When It Makes Sense To Use It. The rapid growth in cloud computing has produced a matching growth in cloud services – specifically: Software as a service (SaaS); Platform as a service (PaaS); and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The first two of these… View More


The Data Center: IT as a service

The data center/in house hybrid. Because IT IS a service. From time to time, every department in every organization in America needs to remind itself that it exists to provide a service. Finance? It’s not an end in itself; it’s a service. To the organization and to the organization’s customers. Marketing? A service.… View More


What makes the OFFSITE experience different?

An OFFSITE techie’s view on why OFFSITE is a cut above My name is Matt Geary and I’m a Support Engineer at OFFSITE. Among the things you rely on a data center for are: Backup; and Redundancy. One of the benefits of my position here at OFFSITE is the experience of being able to visit… View More


The IIoT is the Next Big Thing

Why you need to be on board the Industrial Internet of Things We talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – but what’s a “thing”? A thing can be any object – a fridge, a garage door, a thermistor, a gauge – that has its own IP address. What makes things so important is the… View More


Cloud Data Center Design

Data center design is now at the heart of cloud success. Cisco’s forecast is that, by the end of next year, 78 percent of all workload processing will take place in the cloud, and almost two-thirds of that workload will be Software-as-a-Service. The cloud has already changed the way we design and deploy applications and… View More


4 Services Your Data Center Should Offer

If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s too time consuming and expensive to maintain your own data center, you’re not alone. Many companies have chosen a managed data center solution to reduce the strain on their IT staff and capital expense budget. Choosing a managed data center solution can create flexibility within… View More

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